We aim to contribute to Montreal's social business landscape and tackle important local issues. Here's how:






Consulting services

At MyVision McGill, we advocate for social business and entrepreneurship on campus.  Accordingly, we are committed to supporting McGill social entrepreneurs through our consulting services.  With a history of consulting for McGill Dobson Cup participants among others, we offer resources, tools and connections to improve enterprises committed to having a positive social impact.  Our connections within the Montreal and Canadian social business community, with Muhammad Yunus’ Grameen Group, and our own knowledge of this field has proven to be a valuable resource for McGill social entrepreneurs.  If you are interested in receiving our consulting services, please send an email to myvision.mcgill@gmail.com and we’d be happy to give a consultation!


Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE)

As a way to address the alarmingly high secondary-school drop-out rates in Montreal, MyVision McGill created Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) in 2014.  Quebec has one of the highest high school drop out rates in Canada at 10.6%, and, in Montreal, the problem is particularly acute. LIFE’s mission is to reduce the high school drop out rate in Montreal sustainably through a social enterprise model.  Accordingly, we hire McGill students to mentor teenagers at two community centres, Dawson in Verdun and Tynsdale-St. Georges (TSG) in Little Burgundy, in an after-school program.  We believe in the power of mentorship to foster a culture of learning, academic success, emotional intelligence, and empowerment.  By promoting this culture, our mentors have transformed the lives of Montreal students.  Furthermore, our social enterprise model has allowed our program to be sustainable and rewarding for all stakeholders.