We aim to contribute to Montreal's social business landscape and tackle important local issues. Here's how:

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Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE)

As a way to address the alarmingly high secondary-school drop-out rates in Montreal, MyVision McGill created Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) in 2014. In Quebec the high school dropout rate is 10.6%, one of this highest in Canada, an alarming indicator, particularly salient in Montreal. LIFE’s mission is to reduce the high school dropout rate in Montreal sustainably through a social enterprise model, which is rewarding for all stakeholders.

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Accordingly, we hire McGill students to mentor teenagers at various community centres, such as Youth In Motion in Little Burgundy, in an after-school program. The workshops are designed by the mentors themselves or the centres that welcome them and cover a wide array of topics, from Artificial Intelligence to making sushi!

We believe in the power of mentorship to foster a culture of learning, academic success, emotional intelligence, and empowerment.  By promoting this culture, our mentors have transformed the lives of Montreal students, who are given tips and tools to engage in their community and reach their potential.

As a social enterprise we reinvest all profits made in a year in the growth of our activity to hire more mentors and have a greater impact on teenagers throughout Montreal.


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